This song was written by myself and Chris Poote. For more examples of Chris's work then go to the My Songs section of my  website and scroll to the bottom.

I've decided to record a few of my songs for posterity and all that and will upload one now and again when I can be bothered. Here's another funny one which is an irreverent look on karaoke culture.
Contrary to the song's content I actually love "going on the mike on a saturday night" and "making a prat of myself" and it doesn't take that many lagers either.
I really must apologise for the low level of recording of these videos but I can only do them on my phone at the minute and won't be able to afford a decent camera until I get paid for this advert (which still hasn't been on. What are they playing at). I best be careful or I'll turn into Withnail "What happened to my cigar commercial"
They won't all be comedy songs though as I've written quite a few serious ones over the years and I'd like them to go onto the web as well.
I've been up all night working on my website where I first started learning hotmail codes and I think I've got it looking more or less like I want to. If you want a look just click on the menu buttons on the left (you know how it's done). I've been very slowly picking up how to use hotmail codes and I've been like a kid with a new toy. I built my first website through Casting call Pro which I know some people swear by and others swear at but I've found it to be an excellent resource. You simply build up your profile then click the tab marked personal website then it builds you a basic website within minutes; and I've now got videos, voice tracks and headshots on there without having to pay anything. Fab!