Hello again!

I wrote this song years ago when I was in college and working in a night club (aah the memories), and I was at a festival one weekend when I bumped into one of my college buddies Chris. Himself and me had collaborated on a very successful comedy revue show the year before. So we got to drinking and watching the acts and as you do when the nectar is flowing we started saying how brilliant it would be if we teamed up and did some comedy songs. However unlike other "amazing" ideas you have when you're having a few beers this one actually stuck and a few weeks later I found myself down his place with my guitar and a few tins of lager. We proceeded to rehearse our first three songs (two of Chris's and one of mine) for an open mike night which we performed near new years eve (Sorry can't remember the year. Gosh I'm old) and then again on new years day with a hangover! Funnily enough the performance with a hangover was a much better one as I think we were more relaxed.

Chris is an excellent singer and a brilliant harmonica player and added to this he had already written quite a few funny songs where as I had a grand total of two at the time. Needless to say I had quite a lot of catching up to do. As time went on it became more of a collaboration of writing instead of a collection of individual pieces and the comedy duo Chris and Pete Unbunged was formed. Over the space of 2 years (or was it 3?) we had written about two hours worth of material (songs and sketches) and performed in a few pubs and even once in Winchester. Unfortunately neither Chris or myself were clued up on how to promote ourselves so the gigs were few and far between. I'd also got engaged back then (not to worry ladies we split up:) and my fiance was moving to London so I decided to move with her and see if I could get anywhere with my acting career.

This did mean the end of Chris and Pete Unbunged but all is not lost as one of the last gigs we did was at The Dylan Thomas Theatre home of Swansea little theatre which we were both involved in at the time, and that gig was recorded and Chris has the tapes. We now need to get the tapes onto digital format and we can share all that wonderful work with the world. Watch this space guys!

Chris is now a lead singer in a band and you can look them up on Facebook they're called The Death of Reason and they're still working on they're first million. Good luck guys!