Well it's been a while I know but I'm not very good at being organised I'm afraid. As you can see I've put up another of my songs for your enjoyment and here's a little bit about it for ya. Innocent was originally written for a musical. That's right I am partly responsible for writing a musical called "Crimewave" along with my friends Chris Poote and Neil Watkins. We wrote it whilst we were in college and with the direction of the lecturers came up with an excellent musical all about the effects of crime on the victims. Chris was in charge of the story and insisted on not making it yet another story about glorifying the criminals as has been done before in films such as "The Godfather". Neil and myself were left writing the music and lyrics for it and togethor after months of hard work came up with quite an impressive project. Unfortunately after the performances, the applause and one particularly complimentary review that was the end of "Crimewave" and has been left on the shelf since. We have had discussions about getting it published but have never got round to it. Maybe one day.

Anyway back to "Innocent". As I've already mentioned it was written originally for Crimewave but it's first draft had absolutely no mention of farting. It was after one of the very first writing sessions we had that I'd wrote it. The story at that point was still in it's infancy and I'd envisioned it being a murder mystery type thing with a detective type character. I had him in my mind still baffled at some crime that had been committed and accusing and asking all suspects if they knew anything. Hence the chorus "Was it him? It wasn't me. Was it her?...."etc. It was to be a full chorus number and my hope for the finale to Act 1. Unfortunately we found that it didn't fit the story that had developed and I had to ditch what was a bloody good tune. I can tell you that I was miffed by this but not to worry as a few years later Innocent was reborn. I took the tune and the concept i.e. finding out who the guilty party is, and made the crime all about that most hideous of offences. The bottom burp! This fitted in perfectly with Chris and Pete Unbunged and we raised quite a few chuckles in our performances. 

Lastly I'll leave you with some interesting news. I did say weeks ago that Chris and I were working on getting our show which was recorded years ago onto digital format. I've now sent off the tapes and they should be back with me in dvd form within a few weeks. Then it's just the simple matter of editting (Yikes!) and I'll upload snippets onto youtube and then my blog for you.