The Lunchtime Metting Now Includes Lunch

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Hurrah! I've tracked it down.

So here's the advert that I've been impatiently waiting for please feel free to have a watch. Only two people I know have actually seen it on the telly but I'm keeping my eyes peeled. I've also been looking for it on you tube as you won't have to wait for the webpage to load that way but I've had no success with my search as yet.

No song for you today I'm actually running out of comedy ones and only have about 3 or 4 left so I may be putting up some serious songs soonish. I'm not sure about that though as I'm a bit self conscious about the serious stuff. I suppose the reason for this is that comedy and humour are a lot easier to share. It either makes you laugh or it doesn't and I don't much care which cos it makes me laugh:) My other songs all have a pesonal meaning for me and if I were to share them then I'll probably have to do a long and boring introduction justifying why I wrote the song in the first place.           

I'm going to stop the recording of material though until I can get my hands on a decent video camera. Looking back over the ones I've done it's embarrassing how bad the quality is. I should be getting paid for this advert soon though so I may just get a proper one and re-record the  ones I've already done and the other missing songs. We'll see.

Not much going on in the way of acting at the mo. I was meant to go to an audition in London on Friday for a play by Peter Gill called the sleepers den. It fell through unfortunately because it was a profit share and  the only way I could've done it is if  they could sort out some accommodation for me. Which they couldn't. It's a shame because I read the play and it's a nice part. The part was named Frankie who's an unskilled labourer working and supporting his family. The real drama though comes between his sister (Mrs Shannon) and his mum (Old Mrs Shannon). As the play develops you can see the years of strain of caring and sacrifice playing on Mrs Shannon as Old Mrs Shannon who's bedridden constantly grinds down her daughters resolve with her string of demands. As we near the climax of the play we see the daughter losing her self control and sink into a despair of grief and madness. Powerful stuff. It's playing in Hammersmith somewhere in October so if you're around maybe go and see it.

 Will call back in a while with more news and stuff!