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Last year Peter played a policeman for a short film and toured a childrens show around Ireland. He also joined up with a new company called Writers Bloc who's aim it is to create an informal community of writers, directors, and actors, all collaborating together to create new work and bring new writing to life. Also Peter filmed a training video for Legal Network Television, Played Sidney Reilly (the inspiration for Flemings James Bond), and  toured the UK with Quantum theatre.

This year Peter has joined with a new agent called Jack Plybus and he's also had new headshots taken by a chap called Philip Wade, he's also done a short film and toured a WW1 play highlighting the events that led to the conflict and continuing to the famous Christmas truce of 1914 when the soldiers met in no mans land and played football.

Peter has joined Voice 123. Listen to his voice reel here 

Peter has played the Devil in a short film all about temptation called You are beautiful and a crazy Welshman (no type casting comments please) called Rigbie Izbet in an online comedy web series called Licensed and you can view the video opposite.

Also if you're wondering what the video at the bottom is about then let me tell you that it's an excerpt from a comedy musical which he did called Scaramouche the zany commedia del arte musical. Peter played Pantalone a commedia del arte regular and favorite and this is him singing his solo piece called Red Stockings.

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Peter Hawkshaw Home

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Peter Hawkshaw Home




Peter Hawkshaw Home


The Mad Gypsy


Red Stockings

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